Sterling Academy

Making a World of Difference

What We Do

We provide training, coaching, and services to better able organizations to realize benefits from deploying quality management leadership and practices.  Enterprise Excellence is our holistic approach to driving an organization to the best it can be at meeting the needs of its customers and its other stakeholders including staff, the communities in which it works, owners / shareholders, and its suppliers / partners.

Who We Serve 

  • Healthcare - Hospitals, Clinics, Physician Practices
    • "No Wait" Emergency Departments
    • ESI Triage Reliability and Patient Flow Pathways
    • Outpatient Patient Flow Optimization
    • Time Study RN National Benchmarking
    • Time Study MD
    • Facility Design Layout Optimization
  • Nonprofits - Charities, Faith-based organizations
  • Financial Services - Banks, Credit Unions, Consumer Finance
  • Professionals seeking to upgrade skills
Enterprise Excellence
Which of the following quality management practices work?
  • Total Quality Management
  • Lean, Just-In-Time, Toyota Production System
  • Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
  • ISO 9000
  • Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma
  • Others - industry specific, government mandated, regulatory
Answer:  They all have generated both successes and failures.
Which is the best for my organization?
Answer: Unfortunately, there is no best answer for each organization as the choice depends on:
  • the organizational readiness for deploying quality management
  • strategic plan
  • leadership commitment
  • its size and maturity as an organization
  • customer awareness
  • industry-specific challenges
  • competitive environment
  • its ability to quantitatively assess its performance gaps
  • market opportunities
  • staff capacity and capability
Our Solution - Enterprise Excellence
  • Assessment - Readiness for Business Transformation
  • Improvement - Key Strategic Leverage Points to Address
  • Empowerment - Engaging the Organization in its own Success